Do you connect with your team and coworkers on a personal level at work? If not, you might be missing out on one of the most powerful drivers of productivity and engagement. Here’s how to connect on a deeper level with your team, and the research behind why it’s important to do just that.

Mariposa Transformation Studio

As a leader, we are largely responsible for the culture of your organization. Great culture rarely, if ever, comes down to a directive or policy change. Instead, it comes from the genuine connections formed between the people who keep the company’s wheels turning.

Research shows us that productivity, job satisfaction, and colleague closeness are all significantly improved when trust and understanding of organizational purpose are high. To create the trust and understanding, it’s essential to be intentional about connecting with your team.

There are many practices we can take to develop relationships based on trust and understanding.  Several of practices to implement include:

  • Supporting personal and professional growth
  • Letting team members decide what they work on
  • Intentionally building social connections

In this exclusive article from our Transformation Studio, you’ll learn more about the science that supports the benefits of personal connections at work, as well as actionable advice on implementing the steps to get you there. Start your free 30-day trial of the Transformation Studio today by clicking here.

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