How To Answer Team Members’ Questions

There’s a fine line between developing thoughtful, empowered team members and followers who wait for directions and answers.

Mariposa Transformation Studio

As a leader, you want to develop leaders, period. Leaders are resourceful and skilled in critical thinking. Our team members will have questions now and then, and it is our job to cultivate critical thinking every time this happens.

It’s tempting to answer questions with the obvious answer and move on; time is of the essence after all. Still, it’s important to ask yourself whether your answer will solve the problem long-term and if it will provide understanding to the team member. We want our team members to think at work, not simply follow directions. When they start to use reason and logic at work, they begin to think critically, no matter the industry or role.

Taking the time to guide your team members will contribute to their development and your team’s results. Moreover, it will likely lead to fewer questions because critical thinking becomes a framework for decision-making that team members will use when questions or problems arise.

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