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Welcome to Mariposa and the Transformation Studio

You are starting something big. Something that can change the quality of your life, in and outside of work. You are deciding to make work better for you and your team. You are looking to increase productivity and take your team and the company to new heights. Amazing results come from hard work. Whether you are looking to make a few small changes to improve on what is working or you need to transform work, Mariposa has what you need to make the change.

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But there are a few things to keep in mind. Mariposa doesn’t provide a quick fix. There is no such thing when shifting business culture. It is a process, one that will take you to new highs and maybe a few lows as you experiment with changes and work with your team. Sometimes it may seem like you are failing at driving change but throwing in the towel guarantees failure. The concepts are to be practiced and refined. Like anything we learn, we will never be great when we first start. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Time, patience, hard work, and perseverance will bring results. Failures are how we learn, that helps us see another path and try again. Embrace what didn’t work, learn from it, and give it another go.

Also, our path is not linear with steps to follow to be successful. As learners, we tend to like content to be laid out like a recipe and if we just follow along, all will be fixed. That isn’t how we will work together. There are no one-size-fits-all solution or prescription for shifting a team’s culture. There are so many variables that contribute to culture, to think that one little trick will get you and your team on the right path is not realistic.

One more thing. Our collaboration will take you to uncomfortable places at times. Change creates uncertainty and some avoid uncertainty at all costs. That is normal. The key is to not let that hold you back from creating a working environment that encourages new ideas and supports employees in multiple ways, allowing them to meet and exceed expectations. It is exciting, motivating, and invigorating to work with an amazing team with a supportive culture.

Let’s start small revolutions with your team to create the great revolutions. Browse the Transformation Studio for inspiration on where your start point might be. Reach out if you need to talk through your problems and solutions.

This is the start of a wonderful effort to reframe work and find the joy in your work and share that joy with your team. Let’s start the adventure!

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