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Podcasts!  How great are they? Hit play and you are off to another world to learn something new, be inspired, or see the world in a new way. They are like light switches for our brains – suddenly all of the light bulbs come on. Here a few of my favorites. Please listen and explore more podcasts produced by these amazing groups.

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Think Fast, Talk Smart

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Managing in the Moment


  • ,Changing Company Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate
    Amazing HBR article by Bryan Walker of IDEO and Sarah A. Soule of Stanford Graduate School of Business on changing culture. It outlines that the changing culture is a movement. Enjoy.
  • The Neuroscience of Trust
    Creating a culture of trust has far reaching benefits. According to Paul Zak, employees in high-trust organizations are 50% more productive, have 13% fewer sick days, and are 29% more satisfied with their lives. Zak discusses in detail how to create an environment based on trust.
  • Positivity Matters in Times of Crisis
    Shawn Achor research focuses on the impact positivity has in the workplace. This article explains why now more than ever fostering an environment of positivity is key to supporting your team members in a challenging time.
  • Tough macho leadership is over. Here’s what’s taking its place
    Your team thrives on effective leadership and leadership changing. This article explains the new leadership: macho is no longer effective and vulnerable. This is a great read to help you understand how to get the most from your teams.
  • Re:work
    If you haven’t discovered, let me introduce you to an amazing resource to explore human resource management in a new light. While Google is an enormous organization, much of what is featured on re:work is applicable and relatable to all businesses. Now more than ever, managers need to recognize that success hinges on the people in their organizations and understanding what motivates them, makes them happy to support success is critical. 


That Meeting is Costing Money!

That Meeting is Costing Money!

Tired of seeing one meeting invite after another pop up in your inbox?What's the problem with having too many meetings? Odds are, your team is too—and attending all these meetings is actually...

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Rethink Meetings When Going Hybrid

Rethink Meetings When Going Hybrid

Work has been re-imagined since the pandemic, and a hybrid format is now the norm.While it might be fairly simple for employees to determine which days they work in-person and which days they are...

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Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

When the economic outlook locally, nationally, and internationally is dismal, we must find ways to do more with the resources we have.How do companies provide value? Businesses are created to...

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