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Our purpose is simple – supporting you and your business’ success. You love what you do and your growth is what Mariposa Consulting strives to impact. We do the work finding best practices to strengthen your management practices and help your organization become more productive, innovative, and successful than ever before.

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That Meeting is Costing Money!

That Meeting is Costing Money!

Tired of seeing one meeting invite after another pop up in your inbox?What's the problem with having too many meetings? Odds are, your team is too—and attending all these meetings is actually...

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Rethink Meetings When Going Hybrid

Rethink Meetings When Going Hybrid

Work has been re-imagined since the pandemic, and a hybrid format is now the norm.While it might be fairly simple for employees to determine which days they work in-person and which days they are...

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Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

When the economic outlook locally, nationally, and internationally is dismal, we must find ways to do more with the resources we have.How do companies provide value? Businesses are created to...

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Mariposa Consulting

Our Philosophy

Having supported small and large businesses for over 15 years and studied and taught various management courses at Northern Arizona University, I understand the importance of strong management practices in the success of your organization. My mission is to help you identify areas of your business you want to strengthen and to provide you with the tools based on practitioner and academic research to reach your goals. Having been a young professional in a management role early in my career, I realized how important strong, research-based management practices are to individual, team, and organizational success.



Your business’ culture defines your success. Moving to a more positive culture, one that supports learning, caring, and purpose can increase employee engagement by as much as 76%, a major drive of productivity. A culture that aligns with your mission, values, and strategy motivates your customers, allowing them to see the true purpose of the organization. A high-performing culture based on key management practices will allow your team to deliver value for you customers and achieve higher results.


Decisions can be challenging; what is the right thing to do? Whether it is using business and people analytics tools with your data or making academic business research digestible and usable in your firm, we will help you make informed decisions that will take out the guess work.


Resources are limited: people resources, time resources, financial resources and more. Productivity is about making the most of limited resources to drive growth. We use culture, research, and other management tools to accelerate your and your team’s productivity.

How Mariposa can help your business

Using Business & People Analytics

Mariposa can help you combine this data with your experience to better make informed decisions.

Performing Root Cause Analysis

Mariposa can help you look beyond symptoms and fix business problems. We will work with you to find what is actually causing reduced productivity and help you eliminate that problem.

Strengthen Your Bench Talent

Mariposa shows you how to hire and train employees that match your culture and values.

Empowering Your Team

Mariposa gives you the tools and techniques that will help your team contribute more to your business’s success. This is key to maximizing customer satisfaction.

What is the

Transformation Studio?

“Many leaders of small businesses and new leaders are just consumed with the job and this article [Why] helped them to take a new step even within their limited time allowance to support their employees and grow their business.”

Lori Moore, HR Information Systems Specialist, Northland Pioneer College

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