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Mariposa’s first two bundles, Getting Started & Communicate Better. These bundles include Mariposa’s most-read articles along with easy-to-follow implantation guides. Everything you need to become a better leader!

Driving productivity through

Relief For Your Pain Points

Our purpose is simple – helping you and your business achieve success. Leading a team and pursuing goals can be hard with issues popping up daily. Mariposa Consulting’s Transformation Studio contains research-based guidance for a multitude of leadership, culture, and motivation challenges.

We do the work finding best practices to strengthen your management skills and help you, your team, and your organization become more productive, innovative, and successful than ever before.


Mariposa Transformation


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We Must Be More than Task Managers

We Must Be More than Task Managers

You may be used to a task-management approach to leadership: you tell your team what to do and make sure they do it, checking in at many points along the way. While this level of control...

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Teaching Moments, Not Terse Meetings

Teaching Moments, Not Terse Meetings

How to Turn Mistakes Into Learning Opportunities When a mistake gets made at work, it can be all too easy to express our frustration with the person who seemingly was in error. As good as...

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That Meeting is Costing Money!

That Meeting is Costing Money!

Tired of seeing one meeting invite after another pop up in your inbox?How Too Many Meetings Costs the Company Too Much Money Is it possible that your work meetings are costing more than...

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Our Philosophy

Strong management practices are key to the success of your organization. Mariposa Consulting’s mission is to help you identify areas of your business you want to strengthen and provide you with evidence-based tools to reach your goals.  We share the research and provide you with an action plan to turn research into results.

As the founder and Principal Consultant, I struggled with many leadership issues during my career, and I often wished I could find concise, actionable solutions to my pain points.  Mariposa Consulting does just that for you.

Margaret Dunfee


How Mariposa can help your business

Develop a Culture That Inspires

Proven recommendations based on academic and practitioners research.

Grow Your Business

Action plans included with each article so you can implement change now.

Strengthen Your Team

Solutions that address your leadership pain points from delegating to motivating and more.

Experts Available To You

Culture and leadership consultant available to work through your pain point.

What is the Transformation Studio?

What is the Transformation Studio?

The Transformation Studio is designed for you.  You face challenges every day.  You know that there is a solution out there somewhere, but you don’t know where to look, nor do you have the time to. 

The articles in the Transformation Studio provide you with the latest leadership, culture, and motivation research from practitioners and academia. Each article has an action plan to get you started.

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial and find out how to make improvements in your organization, so you can help everyone love their work.

“Many leaders of small businesses and new leaders are just consumed with the job and this article [Why] helped them to take a new step even within their limited time allowance to support their employees and grow their business.”

Lori Moore, HR Information Systems Specialist, Northland Pioneer College
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