The Art of Discovery – It’s Easier Than We Think
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How Learning From Customers Can Help Pave the Future

Running a small business is a rewarding, amazing, challenging, and consuming activity. We are following our passion, whatever that might be. We are serving our customers by providing the best of what we are through our food or our advice or our products. Providing that joy, that happiness, that over-the-top satisfaction is what makes us get up every morning, work all day, and keeps us up at night. We only want to make our customers deliriously happy.

Where Do Businesses Get Feedback?

Often, we get great feedback from our customers and clients. They take the time to tell us what we are doing well or what we could better or do more of. Those are the customers that are super engaged and love us and want us to be successful. But there are customers who love us and who are busy and don’t reach out for one reason or another and have great ideas. We need to reach out to them, tap into their ideas to continue to deliver what they need and want and discover how we can continue to make them crazy happy.

Today, in the midst of this lovely pandemic, people crave a sense of community. Take advantage of that need and reach out to your customers and clients to learn more about what they need and want from you. Craft a message that will create a sense of belonging and community as well as one that tells them you are listening and want to deliver what they are missing. Ask what they love and want more of, what they want less of, and what new ideas they have for you. Gather data that will allow you to take action and deliver greater value. Tell them what you learned and what you will do going forward and then do it.

How Can Business Owners Create a Sense of Community?

For many, gathering the data is easy but analyzing it is the challenge. Many of us took a statistics class in high school or college and found the terminology dizzying and similar to a foreign language we just didn’t pick up. Don’t go it alone – work with someone who can decipher with the data and relate the results to you in understandable language is all you need. Analytics can reveal unexpected and interesting insights about our customers, their habits, and desires. It can help confirm what we think we know and debunk some assumptions we have been making for years. As David McCandless states, information is beautiful.

How Do I Create Long-lasting Customer Relationships?

Your customers love your business; they want you to be successful. Creating relationships with you customers is important in this age of business. Asking and delivering on what they want is the number one way to create lasting relationships. Interested to learn more? Simply reach out to Mariposa and together we will discover what delights your customers and clients through thoughtful surveys and data analysis.

Turning obstacles into opportunities.

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