Happiness and Work Can Go Together

Work can be a joy.  Here’s how.


You know when you’re traveling and you get asked if you’re doing it for work or for pleasure? Don’t you wish you could say “Yes”?

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How Happy Employees Help Drive Productivity

Here are some questions that we commonly receive:

Do Happy Workers Perform Better?

We spend a significant amount of time creating value for an organization in an environment that is void of joy. The workplace typically doesn’t foster feelings of joy and happiness. But according to research, joy can actually help boost our productivity at work, and the results are pretty impressive.

How Much More Productive Are Happy Employees?

Shawn Achor’s research shows that happiness raises key business outcomes: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements. So, wouldn’t it make good business sense to create a place where joy goes hand-in-hand with work?

How Can Business Owners Help Employees be More Joyful?

One of the elements that make people feel joy is color. Some schools have already taken steps to incorporate bright colors into learning spaces because it’s scientifically proven to spark joy. So why are office spaces still a mush of grays and beiges? Bringing splashes of color into the office doesn’t have to be a big investment and the results speak for themselves as we’ve seen in the aforementioned numbers.

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