Motivating The Team Bundle


Motivating your team members is hard. Learn how to use research-proven methods to get the team engaged and excited about their work.



Motivating Your team is the Key to their Success (and Yours)! There are varying motivational methods, and there are
many books on the subject. Mariposa’s articles are based on research and provide long-term motivation rather than quick fixes and fun prizes. There are five articles included in this bundle:

  1. Does Your Team Know the “Why” Behind the Business?
  2. Building Trust
  3. Supporting and Developing Whole-Person Health in Your Team
  4. How to move away from a task-oriented managerial style to a growth-oriented leadership style
  5. Motivating a Team: Think Challenges and Growth Opportunities

After reading each article and implementing the recommended actions, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of the department and organization and understand its importance to the team.
  • Start building a culture of trust within the team.
  • Shift your leadership from “command and control” to ” give control and create leaders.”
  • Lead the team through humility and shift to team problem solving rather than you solving problems.
  • Genuinely connect with team members to create relationships based on trust.

In addition, your team members will:

  • Know how they contribute to the success of the department and organization.
  • Begin to trust you and be willing to communicate more openly.
  • See that you value their contribution to solve problems and their ideas.
  • Begin to see you as a collaborative leader that is interested in their overall well-being.
  • Know that you support their whole-person health and feel that they matter as individuals, not simply the work they perform.
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