Communicate Better Bundle


Looking for professional help with regard to improving your communication skills? If so, click to discover our Communicate Better article bundle.



Communicating well takes time and effort. We must learn to be better communicators as well as practice good communication skills. The five articles included in this bundle:

  • How to Answer Team Members’ Questions
  • For More Effective Communication, Make a Plan
  • Were You Listening?
  • Giving Feedback in the Moment
  • Connecting

Each article addresses different components of communicating. Reading them all will offer you a foundation to improve communication. The articles are based on academic and practitioner research, providing you with tested tools and techniques. In addition, the bundle also includes implementation guides, and worksheets to help you apply the skills or knowledge you learned, for each article.

Find a BONUS article at the end of the bundle with concrete actions you can take to practice clear and concise communication.

After reading each article and implementing the recommended actions, you will be able to:

  • Identify the mindset of each team member and create a communication plan tailored to each team member.
  • Provide timely feedback that will be heard by team members and that maintains their dignity.
  • Guide team members to begin thinking like a leader and be more understanding when mistakes are made.
  • Identify your poor listening habits and become an attentive listener.
  • Genuinely connect with team members to create relationships based on trust.

In addition, your team members will:

  • Be willing to take on new challenges knowing they have your support.
  • Begin to trust you and be willing to communicate more openly.
  • Begin answering their own questions without checking with you first and be comfortable making mistakes.
  • Begin to see you as a collaborative leader that is interested in their overall well-being.        

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