Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

When the economic outlook locally, nationally, and internationally is dismal, we must find ways to do more with the resources we have.

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How to Embrace Productivity for Growth

See how productivity is the key to your company’s sustained growth.

How do companies provide value?

Businesses are created to provide value to stakeholders, primarily customers. Value is created when we produce and sell products and services that people are willing and able to pay for. The buyers receive value in what they purcheds, the seller receives value based on the profit they make, suppliers receive value for their inputs, and the community receives value from the jobs created by the company. But when costs go up, it becomes harder to create value.

What are companies currently doing to provide value to stakeholders?

Today’s (early 2022) economic uncertainties and rising prices present additional challenges to the organization. To continue to provide value, we can increase the price, reduce costs, or a combination of both. Increasing productivity leads to reducing costs, allowing the company to continue to create value for all stakeholders. If the company is unable to create value for itself in the form of profit, all stakeholders will suffer.

Why is it important for teams to be more productive?

When our teams are more productive, they are using fewer resources to produce whatever it is they are creating, be it a product, a report, or the completion of a project. Productivity is critical because our organizations have limited resources: human resources, raw materials, finances, and time. Therefore, the more efficiently we use resources, the greater the value created for society as a whole.

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Productivity Is More Important Than Ever

Are you struggling to become the leader you want to be?

As a leader, you have so many responsibilities, wearing different hats throughout the day,  whether you're a business owner, a department lead, manager, or aspiring leader. Without your hard work and dedication, there’s no telling what would fall through the cracks. But you can only do so much on your own. 

Being in a leadership role is rewarding but comes with many expectations and responsibilities. Leading a team and pursuing big business goals is challenging, with issues popping up daily. You’re excited to grow and evolve in your career but don’t know where to start, and you may not have achieved the leadership role you envision for yourself.  You have searched online and have found an overwhelming amount of online resources and self-improvement books, but no real direction or tangible steps to help you advance. 

Whether you’re a leader, aspiring leader, manager, or entrepreneur, there are always fires to put out. There is always something pulling you away from the things you want to do for your career. How do you manage the chaos? 

Let’s look at your plate: everyone needs you all the time, and everything is “the most important” thing to handle at that moment. When you try to set aside time to invest in your own leadership goals to advance your career, you’re at a standstill. You don’t have time to sift through the ocean of resources and decide what is credible and research-based. That’s why you need support!

That’s where Mariposa Consulting comes in. The Transformation Studio is where your leadership potential can be realized. When you sign up for the Transformation Studio, you get instant access to relevant, digestible, research-driven articles on how to transform your leadership skills one step at a time. 

Now you have the tools in an easy-to-implement format. The Transformation Studio sets you up for success by meeting you where you are. Each article gives you tangible action items to implement in your business to help solve your problem, whether that has to do with leadership, culture, communication, or team motivation.

Once you take action based on the articles,  your day is a little more open. Your agenda is less about putting out fires and more about leading proactively. Your team flows cohesively, and they are also grateful for your commitment to making their lives better. 


But that’s just the beginning. The Transformation Studio was a breath of fresh air, but now you’re ready to dive deeper. Mariposa Consulting offers 1:1 consultation with a culture and leadership expert ready to work through your pain points. As the founder, and Principal Consultant, I have been in your shoes. I know what it feels like to search for a concise, actionable solution to leadership challenges. I can collaborate with you to help reach your unique goals and create a path to success together. At Mariposa, we find best practices to strengthen your leadership skills and help you, your team, and your organization become more productive, innovative, and successful.

Are you ready to start your leadership transformation?

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It can be so easy, almost natural, to make assumptions about others based on things like appearance or education. We humans like to fit things into neat and tidy boxes! But, when leaders default to stereotypes, we do our employees a disservice: instead of seeing them as unique individuals with much to contribute, we see only their (imagined!) limitations. Read on to learn how to stop seeing your team through this limiting view.
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