Rethink Meetings When Going Hybrid

Work has been re-imagined since the pandemic, and a hybrid format is now the norm.While it might be fairly simple for employees to determine which days they work in-person and which days they are remote, coordinating meetings in this new environment—where it is virtually impossible that all teammates will ever all be in the same modality at the same time—can be challenging.

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How can my company successfully conduct hybrid meetings?

To successfully conduct hybrid meetings, you must rethink and reconfigure the traditional meeting format.

Meetings are a part of work. Some are necessary, and others are not. Pre-pandemic meetings were face-to-face, but during the work-at-home phase of the pandemic, we were all on Zoom or a similar online meeting platform. Both meeting formats allowed all participants to be on the same footing. But, the new workplace is a mix—some team members are in the office, and some are working remotely.

What’s one of the biggest issues of having remote employees?

A major issue for team members working remotely is the lack of presence in meetings. Some team members are in one place sharing ideas, using whiteboards, flip boards, or Post-its. They can pick up on the nonverbal cues from other team members in the same room. But remote team members may be listening in on the conversation or sitting in a Zoom meeting looking at one person. Either scenario means that remote employees feel left out.

What does inclusivity in the workplace mean?

We talk about inclusivity in the workplace. That goes beyond creating a workplace that embraces differences and allows team members to express themselves freely. Remote workers already feel a level of disconnection and even more so during meetings. They have been invited to the meeting because they have something to contribute, and they should feel that their presence is important. But, it is more than challenging to provide them that feeling of inclusivity when they aren’t seen or are heard only through a speaker in the middle of a room that doesn’t pick up everyone’s voices. Hybrid employees feel like outside observers rather than valued contributors. We can’t afford for them not to be present, so we need to make a few accommodations to bring them in to the meeting…

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