That Meeting is Costing Money!

Tired of seeing one meeting invite after another pop up in your inbox?

That meeting is costing money

How Too Many Meetings Costs the Company Too Much Money

Is it possible that your work meetings are costing more than they are producing?

What’s the problem with having too many meetings?

Odds are, your team is too—and attending all these meetings is actually hurting productivity, plus costing money. Changing how and how often your organization holds meetings can work wonders. Read on to find out how!

How are meetings hurting productivity?

The number of meetings people have is huge. Some days, people are in meetings the entire day, leaving little time to focus on actually getting work done. During the pandemic, this issue was compounded by the fact that meetings were held online, with us all staring at the computer screen for hours.

How are meetings impacting employees?

We can’t seem to get away from meetings. But we need to. Those meetings are costing money! Research shows that nearly three-quarters of all meetings keep employees from getting work done. The cost of ineffective meetings is not only the time spent in the meetings but also lost productivity and the negative impact on our mental well-being, and our psychological and physical health. In addition, “92% of employees consider meetings [of all kind] costly and unproductive.”

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