Turn Disappointment in a Team Member Into a Teaching Moment

How Disappointment Can Lead to Learning Opportunities

Here are some considerations surrounding disappointment in a team member.

Stepping back when a team member makes mistakes can foster growth rather than more frustration.

What are my options for addressing a team member’s error?

When we get frustrated with our team members and their errors, we can either impact them positively or negatively. We may want to express our frustration with a stern conversation or even a biting question such as “What are you doing?” But that won’t help them to learn and do better. They will just be scared and not take risks or grow.

Why is understanding the reason for the mistake more important than discipline?

As leaders, we must step back and find the reason behind mistakes to help our team members avoid them in the future and encourage improvement. And the key to achieving it is making it a teaching moment instead of a disciplinary one.

How to make an employee mistake a learning opportunity?

It’s easier said than done; it will require effort, emotional intelligence, and consistency to create meaningful teachable moments. Here are some things to keep in mind:

How can Mariposa Consulting help?

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