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“Culture is like the wind. It is invisible; yet its effect can be seen and felt.”

­­– Bryan Walker, Partner and Managing Director, Ideo

Creating and managing culture is one of the most important responsibilities of the entrepreneur. Culture must match your competitive strategy, mission and vision. It determines who you hire, how they work, and how they treat your customers and clients. A positive culture built on trust can attract good talent and engaged workers. It can drive positive customer relationships, and ensure long-term success. But having the tools and understanding how to create and sustain a positive culture Is challenging. Mariposa Consulting will teach you how to create or shift your organization’s culture to improve productivity.


Entrepreneurs constantly make decisions about many different critical areas. Mariposa will support your decision-making using analytical tools and your data as well as tapping into management research. Whether it is teaching you how to use the tools or performing the analysis for you, Mariposa will support you to make more informed decisions.


Resources are limited, now more than ever. Increasing output while decreasing input sounds so easy but in fact, there are many reasons why our people and processes are not as productive as they could be. Mariposa will actively work with you to identify problems you are having with productivity and actively work with you to improve productivity by applying many proven methods.

How Mariposa can help your business

Using Business & People Analytics

Mariposa can help you combine this data with your experience to better make informed decisions.

Performing Root Cause Analysis

Mariposa can help you look beyond symptoms and fix business problems. We will work with you to find what is actually causing reduced productivity and help you eliminate that problem.

Strengthen Your Bench Talent

Mariposa shows you how to hire and train employees that match your culture and values.

Empowering Your Team

Mariposa gives you the tools and techniques that will help your team contribute more to your business’s success. This is key to maximizing customer satisfaction.

What is the

Transformation Studio?

“I truly appreciate how kind, helpful, and flexible you have been. You have been there many times when we needed, and often with short notice. You really prioritized us more than I expected.”

Natasha Zahn, Director of Finance, Tucson Symphony Orchestra

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